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Section: Biosafety Science Date: Apr 17, 2014
 Research Shows Molecular Differences Between GM and Conventional Maize
A paper published in the journal Proteome Science field, has shown molecular differences between genetically modified MON810 maize hybrids and their non-GM counterparts.
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Section: Assessment & Impacts Date: Apr 15, 2014
 Glyphosate Detected in Breast Milk of American Mothers
A first-ever testing of glyphosate in the breast milk of American mothers has found ‘high’ levels in 3 out of 10 samples, raising concerns that the herbicide, widely used with GM herbicide resistant crops, can accumulate in the human body.
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Section: Agriculture / Organisms Date: Apr 10, 2014
 Brazil Warned World’s First Commercial Release of GM Mosquitoes Requires Full Public Consultation
Environmental and civil society groups warn the Brazilian regulator of GMOs, CTNBio, not to approve commercial releases of GM mosquitoes in Brazil without full public consultation, access to conclusive field trials data and a post release monitoring plan.
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Section: Global Agreements and Fora Date: Apr 10, 2014
 Call for Precautionary Approach to Synthetic Biology
This briefing calls for a precautionary approach to synthetic biology and recommends that CBD Parties establish a moratorium on the environmental and commercial release of Synthetically Modified Organisms and assess their livelihood implications.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Apr 01, 2014
 Seed Diversity Critical in Building Farm Resilience to Climate Change
Seed diversity plays a critical role in ensuring farms are resilient to the impacts of climate change.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Mar 27, 2014
 Organic Farms Support More Species, Greater Biodiversity
A new study finds that organic farms have consistently supported about 30% more species than conventional farms over the last 30 years.
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Section: Traits in Agriculture Date: Mar 27, 2014
 Rootworm Resistance Emerges to Two Types of Bt Toxins in GM Maize
A recent discovery of resistance to a second type of Bt toxin in GM maize resistant to western corn rootworm underscores the lesson that even with GM crops, age-old farming practices such as crop rotation are still the better option to control pests.
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Section: Policy and Regulation Date: Mar 24, 2014
 USDA Review of GE Crops Finds Concerns Amid Benefits
The USDA has released its latest review of the first generation of genetically engineered crops in the U.S., finding both benefits and problems for farmers.
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Section: Global Agreements and Fora Date: Mar 21, 2014
 Civil society statement for the FAO Technical Consultation on Low Levels of GM Crops in International Food and Feed Trade
Civil society statement on low levels of GM crops in international food and feed trade calls for preservation of zero tolerance for unapproved GM crops.
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Section: Traits in Agriculture Date: Mar 21, 2014
 High Residues of Glyphosate Accumulate in Roundup Ready Soybeans
Research has demonstrated that Roundup Ready GM-soy may accumulate high residue levels of glyphosate and its breakdown product. It also showed that different agricultural practices may result in a markedly different nutritional composition of soybeans.
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Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology for Food Security and for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Potential and Risks

  1) Eastern European Regional Course on Impact Assessment of LMOs under the Cartagena Protocol
Date: February 03, 2014 to February 08, 2014
Venue: Chisinau, Moldova

  1) Campaign To Stop Smallpox Genetic Engineering
Date: January 28, 2014

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