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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Sep 11, 2014
 Addressing Injustice Vital to Eradicating Hunger
This paper identifies injustice as the main cause of hunger and makes recommendations on how to address power inequalities in order to bring about a just and sustainable global food system, including opting for agroecological methods of production.
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Section: Traits in Agriculture Date: Sep 11, 2014
 Herbicide-Resistant Palmer Amaranth a Growing Threat to U.S. Farms
A particularly robust herbicide-resistant weed called Palmer amaranth which has wreaked havoc on cotton farms in southern USA is spreading throughout the Midwest, threatening farm economies.
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Section: Agriculture / Organisms Date: Sep 10, 2014
 GM Maize Face Hurdles in Mexico
A Mexican court has upheld an injunction against the further testing or commercialization of GM maize in the country, on the grounds of risk of imminent harm to the environment.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Sep 10, 2014
 Mainstreaming Agroecology Requires Fundamental Shift
This paper provides policy recommendations on mainstreaming agroecology, given the growing evidence of its contribution towards sustainable livelihoods, food sovereignty and climate resilience.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Aug 14, 2014
 Organic Food is Nutritionally Far Superior to Non-Organic Produce
A ground-breaking study has found overwhelming evidence that organic food has more nutritional benefits than non-organic food.
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Section: Traits in Agriculture Date: Jul 30, 2014
 New GM 2,4-D-Resistant Crops Fraught with Controversy
2,4-D-resistant GM crops may be soon approved in the U.S. despite opposition from public-interest groups including scientists and doctors, who have warned of serious risks of harm from the projected dramatic increase in the use of the herbicide.
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Section: Assessment & Impacts Date: Jul 22, 2014
 Reduced Fitness Levels in Daphnia Fed Roundup-Ready Soybean
Scientists from Norway have recently published a paper demonstrating reduced fitness levels in Daphnia magna fed Roundup-Ready soybean.
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Section: Biosafety Science Date: Jul 17, 2014
 Scientific Analysis Debunks GM Industry Myths
A scientific analysis examines and debunks widely-held myths about GMOs, questioning their safety and concluding that they are not necessary to feed the world.
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Section: Traits in Agriculture Date: Jul 14, 2014
 U.S. on the Edge of Massive Increase in Toxic Herbicide Use
The Centre for Food Safety reviews Dow’s new GE crops resistant to 2,4-D herbicide and argues that these crops are an unsustainable approach which sacrifices human and ecosystem health for short-term profits.
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Section: Agriculture / Organisms Date: Jul 09, 2014
 Alarm at Renewed Dengue Emergency Situation in Municipality Where GM Mosquito Trials Conducted
Civil society groups have expressed alarm at an increase in dengue incidence, leading to an emergency decree, in a town in Brazil where releases of GM mosquitoes are taking place.
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Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology for Food Security and for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Potential and Risks

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