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Section: Traits in Agriculture Date: Oct 20, 2016
 More Research Needed on the Effects of Bt Crops on Aquatic Ecosystems
A recent review finds that there are significant knowledge gaps on the fate of Bt crops and their potential effects on aquatic systems and identifies several important issues for further research.
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Section: Assessment & Impacts Date: Oct 19, 2016
 Risks of Glyphosate Residues in Food and the Environment
A review of recent literature has found that glyphosate can persist in the environment and that chronic glyphosate exposure even at low concentrations can pose a risk to human health.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Oct 19, 2016
 A Roadmap to Transform the Global Food System with Agroecology
Agroecology’s five “levels” of food system change, when taken together, can serve as a roadmap to transform the entire global food system towards sustainability.
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Section: Policy and Regulation Date: Oct 18, 2016
 Transitioning Out of GM Maize: Towards Nutrition Security, Climate Adaptation, Agro-Ecology and Social Justice
The African Centre for Biodiversity warns that to cope with drought and rising food prices, South Africa needs to urgently move away from genetically modified food and towards indigenous African crops.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Oct 17, 2016
 Protecting Seeds, Protecting Food
The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has released a compendium on how to protect agricultural biodiversity and the future of food by building and protecting resilient community-based and farmer-manaaged seed systems.
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Section: Agriculture / Organisms Date: Oct 14, 2016
 The Real Reasons for the Failure of Golden Rice
Two scientists examine the real causes for the failure of genetically modified Golden Rice.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Oct 12, 2016
 Agroecology Contributes Positively to SDGs
A meta-analysis of 50 case studies from 22 African countries shows the contribution of agroecology to the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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Section: Assessment & Impacts Date: Oct 12, 2016
 GM Enzymes Used in Cleaning Products and Food 'Are Potent Allergens', Warns Study
A recent study has warned that genetically modified enzymes used in food, perfumes, medicine and cleaning products are “potent allergens” and should be tested like other potentially hazardous chemicals.
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Section: Agriculture / Organisms Date: Oct 07, 2016
 Maize Farming in Africa is Vulnerable to Uncontrolled Spread of Genetically Modified Varieties
This publication shows that maize farming by smallholders in Africa is particularly vulnerable to the uncontrolled spread of GM varieties, due to pollen- and human-mediated gene flow.
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Section: Biosafety Science Date: Sep 20, 2016
 Genetic “Extinction” Technology Rejected by International Group of Scientists, Conservationists and Environmental Advocates
At the 2016 World Conservation Congress, members of IUCN, including NGOs, governments, and scientific/academic institutions, voted to adopt a de facto moratorium on research into gene drives until the IUCN has fully assessed their impacts.
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  1) Capacity building course (Asia): Synthetic biology – biosafety and contribution to addressing societal challenges: From simplicity to complexity
Date: May 09, 2016 to May 14, 2016
Venue: Bogor, Indonesia

  1) Campaign To Stop Smallpox Genetic Engineering
Date: January 28, 2014
  2) Stop the Spread of Transgenes!
Date: May 28, 2014

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